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I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't aware of the spiritual or supernatural.


As a child I avidly read books on real ghost stories and was fascinated by the curse of Tutankhamun, wanting to know if others experienced the same things I did.


At the age of 13 a friend introduced me to the tarot and I was hooked! I soaked up as much knowledge as I could over the years and at 24 I trained with Meg Wilson, a well known and respected medium in Henley. Her psychic development classes taught me other disciplines and I started to use psychometry and healing as part of my growth.


I decided to pursue a career in fashion and costume design and later successfully worked as a wedding photographer for 16 years. I loved every minute of it, however, always in the background, was a deep rooted pull towards the spiritual and the urge to help people.


In recent years I have trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT Practitioner. With these amazing tools and using tarot as an intuitive and subconscious guide, I help people create their own positive future, moving them forward into a more centred and fulfilling life.


The term "psychic" means to perceive something by means other than the normal five senses, which is why they call it the "sixth" sense. It is that extra sense, or extra sensory perception, that some claim we all have. It is associated with spiritualism because this particular sense is not physical in nature. It doesn't involve a nose, eye, skin, ear or tongue. It is the intangible mind that in fact breaks through time, space and matter for its perceptual ability.

The Tarot is a pack of 78 cards that have been around since the mid 15th century in Europe. Tarot cards have been used both for divination (predicting the future) as well as for guided meditation and a tool to work with your inner self.  

The cards are categorised either as Major Arcana or Minor Arcana. The 22 Major Arcana cards depict images that have become well known in culture like the Hanged Man, the Devil, the Wheel of Fortune and the Fool. The 56 Minor Arcana cards are suit cards, but rather than the spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs found in a traditional deck, there are wands, swords, cups and pentacles.

Tarot have been used for centuries to guide and clarify a persons life questions.



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