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If you’re picturing me with a feather duster in a pair of marigolds, you can put that thought firmly away. Windolene and Mr Muscle do not feature in this particular exercise.


I think most of us have, at some point, made an emotional connection with a house - whether it be the feeling of it being a happy place, or a disconcerting feeling that something is not right - although you might not be able to place you reaction to anything specific. There could be more noticeable activity in the form of sounds, movement or inexplicable events taking place.


This could be as a result of a haunting or just a misalignment of the energies within the house. It can be brought on by historical events, current changes or people.


I have helped a number of clients in the past who have moved into a house and felt quite alarmed or unsettled in their new home. I have visited the property to calm the house and realign the energies, removing ‘bad’ or ‘heavy’ energies - and providing peace of mind and harmony to those that live there.


20 minutes free consultation to ascertain the issues which may require a further visit

£120 for 2-4 hours within the house working with you

Please note that appointments that require travel may incur time and expenses.

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