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Whilst I cannot guarantee that you were Boadica or Henry VIII, or any other infamous historical figure, that might enable you to dominate the small talk of any dinner party table, I can certainly offer a fascinating insightful experience.  


Past Life Regression is a gentle hypnosis based therapy technique which guides you to explore your past life or incarnation.

There are many theories surrounding Past Life Regression. 


Believers in reincarnation, also referred to as rebirth or transmigration, believe that the soul, or essence, of a living being, will begin a new life in a physical form when their previous life ends. Signs that a soul has returned might include physical resemblance, knowledge of something not learned in the existing life (sometimes as acute as being able to speak a different language) and memories of a time gone by that can be breathtakingly vidid and detailed. Other spiritualists maintain that the energies of the living remain in this world when they pass.


Of course, we’ve all probably experienced the proverbial déjà vu - convinced we have been somewhere before, met someone or experienced something we have not.


In addition to the spiritual theories, there are scientific studies, albeit controversial as you might expect amongst scientists, that supports the concept that memories can be encoded in DNA. This might go some way to explain why behavioural patterns might be instilled in animals from day one rather than learned. Phobias and fears that are not passed from parent to child might be displayed from a very early age.


By exploring these memories, behaviours and rationales, we can make sense of issues of the here and now by connecting with and resolving imprinted negative behavioural patterns and thoughts. Expanding awareness of oneself beyond the physical can bring peace, relaxation and closure.


Benefits of past life regression include:


  • Relationship issues

  • Troublesome dreams or nightmares

  • Addiction and Compulsion

  • Fears and Phobias


Of course, curiosity and fun can be your motive in delving into mists of time within your conscience, and who knows what former life you might have led. Pirate or peasant, swashbuckling soldier changing fortunes of war, aristocratic grande dame of the renaissance or medieval strumpet with a heart of gold.

Why not make you a thing of the past...

This service is available as a telephone / video appointment or in person. Please select which option you would prefer on the booking page.


£120 for a 90 minute recorded session.

Longer sessions are available.

Please note that appointments that require travel may incur time and expenses.

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