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The art of reading a particular object - picking up on energies, histories and the people associated with it. This, in itself, can precipitate a psychic, clairvoyant or spiritual medium experience during the reading. 


In terms of history, the first account of Psychometry, as this form of scrying, was as a term coined by Joseph R Buchanan back in 1842, who, after a series of experiments, concluded that “all objects have souls that retain a memory”.


An object that has a special and notable connection to someone who has passed can be helpful in making that connection and inviting a message or communication with them in the spirit world. It can also reveal impressions of time, person and place that can include images, sounds, smells, tastes and even emotions.


Objects such as jewellery, watches, clothing, photographs and other personal items are often used and it is certainly the case that an object that has a very close connection will usually get the best results.


Psychometry has been used extensively in helping to solve criminal cases or in cases of missing persons.


Psychometry may be included in 45-60 minute in-person readings - when making your booking, please ensure that you indicate that you would like to include psychometry in the reading so that I can make time during our session.

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