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I feel I've personally learnt a lot and I felt put at ease as soon as Angelina started talking despite being nervous at the beginning!




Thank you so much for taking the time with me today.


You have made my day xx. I have a vase of Sunflowers on my windowsill….


I now know he is with me at night I can’t tell you how much that means to me xxx

JS x


Wow wow. I'd never met Angelina before but as soon as I did I felt like I had known her all my life, one of those people where you want her to be your best friend.


A lovely caring person.

I had lovely visits by my protectors, they like to let me know they are there.

I had a lovely reading, so supportive and to help guide me as I felt lost a little.

I’ve been to psychics before and I will be visiting her again.

My husband even went to see her a few weeks later.

I was recommended by a friend.

I would definitely recommend Angelina.



I had my first ever psychic experience and tarot reading with Angelina and I was rather apprehensive beforehand.


However, Angelina completely put me at my ease. She is kind and comforting and seemed like a friend I had known for a long time. She told me things that calmed me about people who had passed and the tarot reading was precise in what has happened and positive and helpful in what is to come.


I will definitely be seeing her again.



Hey, How are you?

Your predictions for me are coming true!

You said I would leave the company at the beginning of this year and said I would be going down the healing route.

I’m currently learning Reiki 1 and want to continue this until I’ve completed level 3.



I really enjoyed the ghost hunt and would be very keen to attend any other events you may host. Great night

Ghost hunt participant


Thank you so much! I will be in touch again. I felt amazing today after my reading



I met Angelina through a very different path, in my workplace and had known her sometime and had no knowledge of her 6th sense.


I had returned to work after being off after the sudden passing of my lovely husband and I was in despair, Angelina was such a comfort, she told me he was always with me and he knew that in my despair I was contemplating taking my own life to get back to him and she gently told me that wasn’t the way and it wasn’t what he wanted, she provided me with unquestionable evidence that he was with us, talking about his watch that I looked at every time I went into our room and the fact that he watches me sleep from in front of the sunflowers.. I had sunflowers in a vase on our bedroom windowsill.

Some weeks later I went into Angelina’s office for a business reason and she came to my office soon after saying that he was fretting about some paperwork I had to deal with and time was running out… I knew immediately what she meant. I had received a cheque from our insurance company and I hadn’t cashed it. I couldn’t, it felt like it was cash in lieu of my lovely husband and I didn’t want it… she again helped with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) she spent time with me and worked through my anxieties with this amazing tool. She is incredibly intuitive and uses her gift to truly help others.


I cannot recommend her highly enough, she has a good soul uses a positive energy to work with spirit to deliver peace and tranquillity to those around her. A lovely lady through and through.



I have COPD and I really panic when I can’t get enough oxygen.


Angelina taught me EFT tapping and cognitive techniques in how to calm down and manage my breathing.


I can’t tell you how happy I am to have more control.


Angelina was authoritative but gentle while I was in such a state. 

Robert Withey


I just wanted to say thank you so much for our reading.


I feel I've personally learnt a lot and I felt put at ease as soon as Angelina started talking despite being nervous at the beginning!

I want to say thank you for George’s reading too, I know it comforted him deeply about his past father even though he had almost lost the feeling of that fatherly figure in his life. 


We both benefitted it's fair to say.

I will definitely be recommending!! :))

Thank you so much



Dear Angelina


I just wanted to say a big thank you for meeting me on Monday.


I feel very comforted by what you told me. It was particularly lovely that my friend Jo was there.


I had been thinking about her a lot lately. We got on really well and she was one of my best friends. I guess you could say I loved her. I miss her very much and am very sad that she cannot be with her boys.


You described a pose she was in with someone. I realised later that that was a photograph that we gave to her husband which he put together with others from friends on a screen which was scrolling at her wake. Maybe that was the thing she said she liked that I did for her funeral.

I’ve also struggled with my feelings for my Mum since she died so what you said has helped a lot. It was also lovely to hear about my grandad.

Anyway, again thank you. You were very patient and caring and I very much enjoyed my experience.

All the best



Thank you to Angelina and the Chiltern Open Air Museum for the fantastic time we had last night at the ghost hunt.


It was really interesting to learn about different paranormal investigation techniques and the history of the buildings.


The volunteers were so friendly and helpful as well, thank you! Made for a very unusual birthday experience. 

V & V


Angelina had been recommended to me as I am fairly sceptical,  I had my reading on the 9th of July and I have to say I was rather impressed!

Angelina’s approach is very down to earth and not how I perceived a tarot reader would be, as a result I felt immediately at ease. 


The reading itself was spot on to what is currently going on in my life, and also Angelina’s interpretation of the future cards were accurate as well.  It’s just a case of me implementing what I have already set out to do.   There was one aspect of the reading that I am not looking forward to, but  I know exactly who Angelina was referring to.  So I’d best tread carefully around September/October or at least prepare to brace myself. 


Looking forward to my next reading in 6 months time!!!



Angelina has a unique sensitiveness about her that makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable in her presence.


She will comfort you and talk you through your hypnotherapy session carefully and thoughtfully to ensure you do not feel out of control at any time. She does all this while being the upmost professional and ensuring that she takes great care to help you resolve your issues and concerns and ensures that the process she walks you through is sustainable throughout.


My session was very unique to me and I now feel that, with Angelina’s help, I can really move forward with my life in a positive way without the need to look backwards.



Daffodil's Trip to the next world:

I went up to my field with a heavy heart to check on my other horses and ponies. I had just put my Percheron Horse down, Daffodil, a sweet gentle girl.

I was so upset and when I saw my other horses running around the field, it upset me more

So I rang Angelina !!!


She said that Daffodil was running around the field too saying that she didn’t hurt anymore and was happy to be with her old friends Equinox and 2 Shetland Ponies, Toby and Dolly, who I had to put down the year before

Angelina said that Daffodil was running down to the water trough and sure enough, my live horses were running there too !!! Then my live horses stopped and stood there looking surprised !!!

I asked Angelina what was happening and she explained that Daffodil was running in and out of different plains and getting used to her new world

I stayed up at the field most of that day watching my horses grazing peacefully and then running around with their spiritual friends

It made a sad day into one of the most beautiful days that I will always remember !!!

Thank you Angelina!!!



I was in an emotional bad place and Angelina introduced me to EFT. I’d never heard of it before but – oh boy!!! It’s brilliant!


She instructed me to tap in a pattern around my face and body while repeating set phrases.


I was astounded to find that the underlying problem wasn’t what I initially thought it was.


I burst into tears but felt amazing afterwards. I would do it all over again.

Sara Shemilt

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