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Tarot Services


It’s important to stress that Tarot cards alone are not spooky or bad. They are simply a collection of symbols and archetypes that represent all of human experience - the story of your life. 


Tarot cards for readings, or cartomancy to give the technique its fancy title, have not been used in divination for as long as you might think. Historians pretty much agree that the cards first appeared in Italy at around the turn of the 15th Century and for the first 300 years, were used as playing cards. They were predominantly associated with a card game similar to modern-day Bridge - a game for the upper classes due to the ornate (and therefore expensive at the time) way they were created. Evolving over the centuries to include the characters and suits we know today, perhaps the most familiar of tarot decks is the Rider-Waite design that was created specifically with divination in mind and have been continuously in print since 1909.


For me, the tarot deck is used as a guidance tool or to confirm some of the information I have picked up during the reading, rather like a sounding board and often we will use them in the latter half of our session to tie in with the spiritual reading as a whole. That said, I can also offer appointments dedicated to Tarot and the cards can be particularly useful, either as a trigger, or when seeking answers to specific questions or in exploring decisions you may need help with. Tarot allows me to form a connection to your subconscious mind and access your intuition and wisdom. 


I will point out that Tarot aren’t just for ‘fortune telling’ and that things are not predestined - we all have the self-will and accountability to make changes. Tapping into the universal wisdom that Tarot can bring can help to guide my clients through obstacles and make the changes and choices necessary to transform their lives.


Generally, I will ask you to cut the deck and I will pull the cards to read.

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