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Our connection with animals can be stronger than our connection with other human beings. Those bonds of trust, loyalty and love live on when our animal companion departs.

Animal Communication


    The idea that animals possess spirits in the same way as humans and accompany us in the afterlife is a concept that goes back to the beginnings of history in many civilisations.

    Animism is the belief that all creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence and that we have animal spiritual guides as well as human ones. To anyone who experienced a strong tie with a loved pet and enjoyed the intuitive and emotionally supportive interaction you can have with an animal, this can make perfect sense.

    Many of my clients can seek solace, peace and assurance through an animal reading.

    It’s not just animals who have passed that I am able to link in emotionally with. I have also had considerable success in reading the energy of living animals with an ability to sense emotion, feelings and discomfort - opening up communication between animal and keeper. 

    It’s a very simple process of sending me a photograph and any question you would like answered and I’ll get back to you to arrange a call to discuss the reading.


    Your reading will be ready within approximately five working days and for this particular reading, I prefer to contact clients when the reading is ready to arrange a time to call to discuss the reading over the telephone.


    Please ensure that you email your photo for this reading to along with your name. Photos should be at least 800 pixels wide.

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