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Auras appear to me as a sort of colour body-halo or surface glow pulsing around your body. For those of you old enough, then the most accurate way to describe it is like the ‘Ready Break’ advert from the 80s.


In addition to reading the aura, I can also help cleanse a persons auras. From time to time, chakras and auras get blocked and by clearing that we can renew the energy flow helping my clients to feel more energised. I can often detect illness or injury through breaks in the aura.


Please ensure you email a clear photograph of yourself to

E-Aura : Aura Reading by Email


    Your reading will be ready within approximately five working days and for this particular reading, I prefer to contact clients when the reading is ready to arrange a time to call to discuss the reading over the telephone.


    Please ensure that you email your photo for this reading to along with your name. Photos should be at least 800 pixels wide.

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